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Mariana D., Marketer and Ad designer
jeremie L., Clubber Professionnel
Professionel(le) licencié(e)
Jérémie, Aime faire la fete dans les clubs de Londres
Martin M., Tour Guide
An Engineer by training who returned seven years ago to his life long love of the history of Scotland and especially his native city Edinburgh and trained with local companies as a tour guide.
Martin's tours have been given 5star grade by several North American organisations
Pascaline A., Guide interprète freelance
Je m’appelle Pascaline, je suis une guide interprète basée à Londres. Je propose des guidages sur des thématiques variées comme:
- La vieille ville
- Londres a l’époque de la Reine Victoria
- Découverte du Quartier financier
- Jack l’éventreur
- Harry Potter
- Sites de tournages des plus grandes comédies romantiques
I have a wide knowledge of the musical history of London and have conducted many successful tours with the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Queen and the Who being the most popular subjects. I also conduct tours of particular areas of London including Soho, Camden and Notting Hill and these tours include all manner of topics such as politics, coffee bars and famous murderers in addition to rock and roll. I'm available most evenings and weekends as well as some afternoons.
Torsten K., Swimming Teacher, Kayaking Instructor, Support Worker in Social work, Tour Guide
If you like to experience Scotland differently, I provide individual holidays including alternative accommodation and tailor made tours around Scotland.
My peaceful place is in the heart of Moray surrounded by beautiful nature, wildlife, plenty of Whisky and almost any outdoor activities. You can higher my Tipi or stay in a room of the traditional cottage.
My tours cover all aspects of Scotland and evolve around your desire.
The maximum group size are up to 6 guest's.
I'm looking forward giving you in unforgettable experience.