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Corina S., tourism professional, traveler by vocation, motorcycles, nature, culture,
Salut (hi)!
I am Corina Stefan and as you are reading this, I may be your guide during your Romanian experience.

My affair with "travel business" started several years ago when, for fun, I had my own travel blog. At that time I was a journalist and travel blogging was a consequence of my extensive trips in Romania. My next job in acquisitions, involved mainly hotel and flight bookings, inhouse corporate travel management as a whole. Thus, my "affair “with travel business was transformed into "marriage" and profession.

At the time I changed this passion into a job, working for my own company, I wanted to offer the possibility to travel in Romania for All travelers, regardless their abilities or disabilities. I start with the last one, accessible tourism. Besides my tourism license and guiding license, I sat Accessible Tourism Courses. I continuously learn about this field, I read about it, I discuss with disable travelers about it, I evaluate accommodations to be suitable, I strive for adapted cars, thus to be able to advise what exactly the tourist needs.

In what regards abilities, it is my engagement to offer special experiences and to bring a personal touch in your trips. In order to do this, you have to know more about me and how we, I and you together, combine my skills and passion into your trip.

I am creative person, thus if you want an unusual combination tour (for example mountains, citadels, jokes contest and jazz concert in a cave, all gathered together in a 3 days trip) you can rely on me for you most unusual, but pleasant combination.

I am also an active and living a healthy life person. I am a fitness bunny; I ride either motorcycle or bike, on asphalt or dirt road; I trek when I take a break from motorized/”wheeled” sports; I do some stunt kiting. I eat healthy food and, by the way, on rural side of Romania you can really enjoy healthy and natural vegetables and diaries, you can pick a tomato and sense the taste difference, it is enough to have a bite of ‘telemea” ( cheese) and your mind goes to the shepherd milking the ship.

Why do I chose to do tourism, why do I chose Romania only? I am a native. I love Romania as a whole: nature, culture, history, people, customs. I adore the forest, the dramatic, but still friendly, mountains, the Danube Delta and the exotics of it, the wilderness when you are far off the city, the game that green of the forest plays with the blue of the sky or blue melting into blue. I love that incredible mixture of country between two worlds: Occident and Orient. I admire the “somehow else” castles and citadels of Romania or the churches spread here and there. I am impressed by Saxon Fortified Churches of Transylvania. I am ancestrally touched by Sarmizegetusa Regia or by Wooden Churches of Maramures, I pay respect to hero leaders fighting for their land wherever I go in Romania and every region has a boyar or prince story. I respect the simplicity and wisdom of people living in rural side or in the mountains, always keeping amazing stories with them. I love that during winter it snows, during summer it is sunny. I enjoy the taste of cheese or a portion of “sarmale”, I savor the smell of Tamaioasa Romaneasca wine. For all these I explore Romania and I invite you into exploration.