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Susanne R., free lancing tour guide; interests: archaeology, travel, music
"Once upon a time " - that is how they start, the fairy tales, sagas and legends, including the one about Melusina. Do you want to hear it? Then follow me on a journey through time and space.

We will walk on the vestiges of Celts and Romans, of earls and damsels, robber barons and friars, on straight and on crooked paths, between vineyards, to castle ruins and excavations. Let us climb up to mountain peaks with a view or down into louring dungeons - or do you prefer a wine cellar with a sparkling wine tasting?

Your host knows how to elate you.
My excursion programmes comprise: •guided city tours on foot or motorized
•single sites (i.e. buildings, excavations)
•special interest tours
•half and full day tours
•extended programmes

Of course, the itineraries will be made to suit your interest, your time at disposal, group size and age (for instance we heed regard to children and learners), your personal preferences including catering. Upon request, we introduce you to local culinary specialities and we won´t forget to suggest a popular wine testing at a producer´s premises.