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Darren M., Photographer
Professionel(le) licencié(e)
I'm a professional photographer based in Dublin specialising in architecture, travel and landscape images. I show you the best parts of Dublin and its surroundings while helping you to improve your photographic skills.
Garvan R., Singing, cuisine, coffee, beer, music
I am an enthusiastic, professional, licensed tour guide who specialises in educational, fun, and inspiring walking tours of Dublin city.

I've been guiding since***, with more than 300 tours under my belt, but it still thrills me to do private tours with open and intelligent people. No tour I do is the same. Furthermore, I do many types of tours: sightseeing tours of varying duration, pub crawls, haunted tours, and even bus tours outside Dublin to Co. Wicklow and the Boyne Valley.

I can suit each tour to your unique needs. I've very flexible and am noted for my ability to do tours for groups of adults, seniors, kids and students.

I endeavour to ensure that my tour is the best tour you've ever experienced. Now doesn't that sound like you should join me for a stroll through the streets of Dublin?