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Mutasa J., photography,travelling and making friends
Hi. My name is Mutasa and I love to travel. I live for it. I love going to new places, meeting people from different walks of life, eating different foods and most of all, nature. Seeing a mountain in all its grandeur, the confounding rift valley, roaring waterfalls, stunning views of Kampala City, watching the sunset over Lake Victoria, all these and more make for a nature lover's paradise. I live in Uganda, a beautiful country endowed with nature and many diverse cultures.
Having been many places and experienced the unspoiled beauty Uganda has to offer, I wanted others to experience the same joy I feel. I learnt to arrange trips with friends to different places in and out of the city working on a budget, but we always had a great time. This encouraged me to do this for more people who want to tour Uganda but have no idea where to go and especially those who got to go but did not have as much fun as they had hoped.
I am an easy going person, I love to have fun your always welcome