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Pedro A., tours, travelling, sightseeing, etc.
Licencia Profesional
João R., Tours
Licencia Profesional
I propose live guided tours (walk and bike) and bicycle rentals. I'm located in Porto (Portugal).
Sun Day T., Tourism Operator -
Licencia Profesional
From city tours in Porto to the management of local accommodation. Sun Day - Tourism Services is a specialized tourism operator, based in Porto.
laurent B., Guide de tourisme
Bonjour, français installé à Recife, je suis guide professionnel : je vous propose de vous faire découvrir Recife et Olinda ainsi que les plus belles plages du Brésil qui sont dans le Pernambuco.
Rita M., hiking, volunteering, alternative tourism, volunteer tourism
Licencia Profesional
I work with impacTrip, a socially-driven travel agency that fights social inequality through volunteer tourism in Portugal.

Our mission is to provide a meaningful and unforgettable travel experience that allows the traveler to know the Real Portugal and has a positive social impact on the places they visit.
José P., Visites touristiques
Licencia Profesional
José was born in Lisbon and is an unconditional fan of outdoor sports, adventure and travel.

He loves the Portuguese mountains, landscapes and culture, and has a special affection for the Douro wine region and for the Oporto and Lisbon areas. José is also a fan of the Portuguese wines and gastronomy and his goal is to show each client the best that Portugal has to offer.
Fil Hip F., Geography.Tourism. Photography.
Licencia Profesional
Born in France. Living in Portugal for years, already. I have done my studies degree in Geography, territory management and tourism in Oporto University. In five years experience, i had done Geographical issues of travel on the Pacific, on the Atlantic and on the Douro valley. Had the best experience with guests, in cruise ships, persons from the five continents. My will and love to work is allways to attend others like i would love to be attended. This way of living is giving me the best motivational treasure in life - to make friends and to create empathy, even when i'm working. With this i achieved a real love for the hospitality experience, findind the best way to do concierge logistics. Tour escorting is a luxury way for me to share the love and knowledge for Geography, culture and History on human activities. Fabulous time on learning with others on managing operations in work collaborations with representatives from the following agencies and companies: Princess Cruises company (CA, USA); Douro Azul cruise company (Porto, Portugal); Uniworld River Cruises and Amawaterways (CA, USA); Vantage Deluxe World Travel (Boston, USA); Thurgau Travel and Plantours agencies (Switzerland); Australian Pacific Touring (APT); The Captain's Choice Tour (Australia); DnBNor Bank and Escape Travel agencies (Norway); All Ways Travel (Belgium); SAGA group and Noble Caledonia agencies (U.K); Diesenhaus agency (Israel). Diplomatic cruising experiences with: The National Review (USA); Forty ambassadors cruising for promotion of the Douro valley in their countries. In short, i offer people my best way of enjoying life as i would like to be offered, living the real pleasure of being human on this planet Earth with a smile, that my mother gave me to share in this world.