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Pedro A., tours, travelling, sightseeing, etc.
Licencia Profesional
João R., Tours
Licencia Profesional
I propose live guided tours (walk and bike) and bicycle rentals. I'm located in Porto (Portugal).
Nysse A., Lisbon, Portugal
Author of the book The Beauty of Lisbon-Tramway 28, a voyage through History. A special VIP Tour with the author of the book.

Lisbon - Portugal
Sun Day T., Tourism Operator -
Licencia Profesional
From city tours in Porto to the management of local accommodation. Sun Day - Tourism Services is a specialized tourism operator, based in Porto.
Luis M., Ecrivain; journaliste et photographe
Ecrivain, journaliste, photographe, toujours entre culture et voyages, mais aussi un furieux amant de Lisbonne, la ville où je suis né et que je découvre encore tous les jours
Vitor P., Nature guide
Licencia Profesional
Algarve Selvagem: A company created to lead you to the most enchanted places of the Algarve, southern Portugal. Presenting Vitor-our nature guide with over 30 years of experience. He loves nature and knows the best spots in this region to please you
Rita M., Travel, social entrepreurship
Licencia Profesional
I truly believe travellers can make a difference anywhere. Portugal is a beautiful country to discover but has many social and environmental organizations which need help on their day-to-day activities.

Traveller by traveller, everyone can contribute. :)
Naky M.,
Je m'appelle Midodji mais pour faire plus simple Naky. Je suis d'origine togolaise et je vis à Lisbonne depuis un an.

Mes amis me définissent comme une personne très sympa, ouverte d'esprit, marrante, amusante etc... Je me définis comme simple et atypique.
Filipe A., Licensed Tourist Guide
I am a certified tourist guide of Portugal since two thousand and eight and I guide groups throughout Lisbon’s neighbourhoods, museums, churches, palaces and monuments and all over Portugal in the following languages:?? English, German, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish.

Rita M., hiking, volunteering, alternative tourism, volunteer tourism
Licencia Profesional
I work with impacTrip, a socially-driven travel agency that fights social inequality through volunteer tourism in Portugal.

Our mission is to provide a meaningful and unforgettable travel experience that allows the traveler to know the Real Portugal and has a positive social impact on the places they visit.
LOURENCO C., Local Guide
I am a local guide in the Sw of Portugal, Alentejo and Vicentina Coast is the best preserved coastal area of southern Europe. A true pearl, kept and tended for by its local inhabitants and by surprising natural values, that capture the hearts of more and more nature lovers and fans of active and sustainable tourism.
Ana Paula L., Journaliste
Amoureuse de Lisbonne et passionnée par son histoire et sa culture, je suis journaliste spécialisée en voyages de tourisme culturel.
Je suis également fondatrice et presidente de l'Association européenne pour la Créativité.
Je voudrais vous faire découvrir une ville magique sous ses aspects littéraires et artistiques
José P., Visites touristiques
Licencia Profesional
José was born in Lisbon and is an unconditional fan of outdoor sports, adventure and travel.

He loves the Portuguese mountains, landscapes and culture, and has a special affection for the Douro wine region and for the Oporto and Lisbon areas. José is also a fan of the Portuguese wines and gastronomy and his goal is to show each client the best that Portugal has to offer.
André L., Jardinier free-lance - Botanique - Histoire - Peinture - Marche
Passionné de botanique et d'histoire, je vous invite à une découverte insolite de Lisbonne à travers ses jardins. Guide depuis trois ans, en collaboration avec différents organismes (Jardim tropical de Belém, Groupe du York, Institut français du Portugal), j'essaie de concilier l'histoire des plantes que l'on retrouve ici provenant des quatre coins du monde avec l'histoire des hommes qui les accompagne.

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Red T., Segway and Electric buggy tours
Licencia Profesional
The real sightseeing experience.

A fun and autonomous way of getting around, at your own pace with orientation and local information to the best amenities and historical places.

Our goal

We want to help travellers to get closer to the sights than a bus would.

We want you to have a genuine experience with our carefully selected must see places and insight to places you won’t typically see on tourist circuits, such as popular local favourites.
Jorge S., Birdwatching guide
My name is Jorge and I'm birdwatcher since i was young and now I'm also amateur bird photographer. After 12 years working in a multinational factory I decided to change the course of my life and do what I love - watch birds. So I create Birdwatch in Alentejo in order to promote birdwatching tours in Alentejo and Southern Portugal. Alentejo have wonderfull landscapes and lots of amazing birds and one gastronomic and cultural heritage very rich. What we want more: good food, excelent wines, nice people and birdwatching.
Constança M., private tour guide for What About Lisbon
Licenciée en Économie, je suis d’abord passionné par l'humanité. J'ai crée une association de bénévolat, j'ai travaillé au Parlement Européen, puis finalement je me suis intéressé à l’innovation social et au mouvement de transition des économies - sujets sur lesquels je travaille dans une société de conseil au moment.

Avec What About Lisbon (un projet co-c´ree avec des copins il y a un an), j'ai l'énorme plaisir de faire découvrir l'anthropologie et l'Histoire de Lisbonne aux voyageurs de tout le monde pendant les weekends et les jours fériées!
Bonjour! Venez me voir à Estoril! La côte d'Estoril vous attend. Je parle le Français, l'Anglais, le Portugais et l'Espagnol et j'aimerais bien partager avec vous l'histoire et les beaux lieux d'Estoril et Cascais. Je vous attends pour une belle promenade!
GOOD MORNING! Please get in touch if you need guidance in the Estoril and Estoril Coast area, just 10 miles from Lisbon, Portugal. I speak English, French, Spanish and Portuguese and I will enjoy sharing with you the history and the beautiful spots in the Cascais-Estoril area. We will take a walk in a beautiful setting!
As a Tour Guide (German, English, Spanish, Portuguese) I organize and provide Guided Tour Services to guests visiting Portugal. I am bilingual and bicultural, German and Portuguese.
Guided Tour Services include accompanying Groups, or as Private Tour Guide, throughout the country from north to south. I strive for new ways to keep History alive and Tourism appealing and exciting for Visitors as well as showcase what true Portuguese hospitality is all about.
As an internationally experienced professional I lived in Spain, worked in multi-cultural environments and have an academic background in Tourism Information as well as a Degree in Marketing.

Paulo C., Official Tourist Guide, Photography and Wines
Dear visitor, welcome to Portugal.

I'm Paulo, an Official National Tour Guide in Portugal with special interest in History of the arts, history, botany, ethnology, geography, geology, economy, gastronomy, wines and photography and beeing a native portuguese, I am very happy to unveal the old history of Portugal as well as the unspoilt Landscapes, the Castles, old well preserved villages, the nature, the world-heritage monuments and traditions of the country to our visitors.

I enjoy working with and for people and my challenge is making our visitors live an experience!

After all YOUR visit to my country should be memorable.

Kind regards from Portugal.
I'm a flight attendant and Sintra lover, a day in Sintra is my perfect day.
I know my town as no one else. History and sweet little stories, best trails and views, whats going on, places where to stay and venues.
That's why i'm offering a 'First time in Sintra' walking tour and i also take care of your stay (advice according with your interests and booking) in order for you to have the best time in Sintra.
My goal is to provide you a feel like home/ live like the locals holidays there for i can also include a stay in a traditional family home at the old village for a fair price.
* even after the tour i'll be always available for all the support.

Feel free to contact me!
Fil Hip F., Geography.Tourism. Photography.
Licencia Profesional
Born in France. Living in Portugal for years, already. I have done my studies degree in Geography, territory management and tourism in Oporto University. In five years experience, i had done Geographical issues of travel on the Pacific, on the Atlantic and on the Douro valley. Had the best experience with guests, in cruise ships, persons from the five continents. My will and love to work is allways to attend others like i would love to be attended. This way of living is giving me the best motivational treasure in life - to make friends and to create empathy, even when i'm working. With this i achieved a real love for the hospitality experience, findind the best way to do concierge logistics. Tour escorting is a luxury way for me to share the love and knowledge for Geography, culture and History on human activities. Fabulous time on learning with others on managing operations in work collaborations with representatives from the following agencies and companies: Princess Cruises company (CA, USA); Douro Azul cruise company (Porto, Portugal); Uniworld River Cruises and Amawaterways (CA, USA); Vantage Deluxe World Travel (Boston, USA); Thurgau Travel and Plantours agencies (Switzerland); Australian Pacific Touring (APT); The Captain's Choice Tour (Australia); DnBNor Bank and Escape Travel agencies (Norway); All Ways Travel (Belgium); SAGA group and Noble Caledonia agencies (U.K); Diesenhaus agency (Israel). Diplomatic cruising experiences with: The National Review (USA); Forty ambassadors cruising for promotion of the Douro valley in their countries. In short, i offer people my best way of enjoying life as i would like to be offered, living the real pleasure of being human on this planet Earth with a smile, that my mother gave me to share in this world.