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Mateja K., Independent entrepreneur

I come from Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. I am married, a mother of three teenagers. I worked as a tourist guide already in ex Yugoslavia and today I continue in our independent Slovenia. I am more than glad to present the beauties of our piece of Europe to everyone who is curious and would like to get to know us better.

Welcome to my hometown!
Martina M., Dancing, jogging, travelling, smiling ;)
My name is Martina and I am a licenced professional tourist guide with 12 years of guiding experience.

Originally I come from Bled, Slovenia’s most precious pearl, but now I live in down town Ljubljana city - the Capital of Slovenia. Personal familiarity and knowingness of these two most important sites give me an advantage and a rich background for presenting you all aspects of these places.

You will leave with the smile on your face and a wish you could come back for a longer period. Of course we'll meet again then! :)
Hrvoje P., Professional Guide
Hello, my name is Hrvoje (Hur-Vo-Ye). I work as a licensed tour guide in Croatia. I live and work in Varazdin and Zagreb and mostly guide these two cities. Beside that I also guide to Plitivice lakes, Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik, and to many other parts of Croatia as well as some parts of Austria, Slovenia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina

The four things I put the highest emphasis and value when I guide groups and individual travelers are safety, respect, care and comfort. Travelers should always feel safe and comftorable, being treated with care and respect.

It's very important to me that the travelers I guide feel relaxed and enjoy every moment of it, and to have a memorable experience. I also aim that you experience my country not just as an outsider but also to see a large part of its key elements which will make you truly experience and get to know the way the life is here in Croatia.

If you are interested in coming to Croatia and explore it with a guide, feel free to contact me.