"Bonjour! Je suis Valentina, d'origine suisse qui suis venue habiter en Dalmatie, région de pierre blanche, où je suis tombée amoureuse et dont je suis tombé amoureuse ! Je suis enseignante de profession mais aussi guide touristique ce qui me permettera de vous..."

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TRAVEL SET - HUNTING HERITAGE TO DISCOVER THE CITY OF ZADAR (excursion to do with family, as a couple, with friends or alone)

Zadar, Croatia

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  • Nombre1 to 20 persons
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    1 hour(s) 30 minute(s)
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We organize pitches - cultural routes, ideal for families (very interesting for children and parents) but also as a couple, with friends or by joining a group. You will get to know the history of the city of Zadar, Dalmatia, Croatia but also part of European history, without having to listen to a guide that bores you by repeating dates and centuries. No, here you discover the city by yourself, at your own pace with the people you want. You will pass the most important monuments and parks of the city. You think you already know Zadar. We guarantee you that you will be surprised, that we will let you discover things that you have never noticed and that you do not know the meaning. By solving the puzzles of the course (they are not knowledge exercises but puzzles of attention), we will direct you to ensure that you do not miss any detail of this beautiful Dalmatian city. In Zadar, the city is more than pleasant because the peninsula wants to be entirely pedestrian. A dream ! After a journey of about 1:10 (we count big so that you have time to stroll between the streets, to take photos, to have a coffee or to buy an ice), we will meet at the end point for our guide Local, French mother tongue, will share with you the secrets of your discoveries. You will learn why the park "perivoj kraljice Jelene" is high, why the church of Saint Simon has two colors, why the main square was called the place of the lords and now the place of the people, and among others what could Serve the channel that you will see on the Roman forum. We are delighted to share with you the history of this city, to tell you where the Queen lived and in which museum you can see her crown. Note that we crown the youngest. A queen and a king have lived in Zadar, your children will not go home without their crowns. Adults and children will come home with new knowledge. The younger ones will not only remember the balloons and trampolines that children notice wherever we go. Here, they will be taken to the game and will have a pleasure to be active, to be a researcher. Join us now!

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* The mention group includes a family, maximum 2 parents with 3 children and this for 35.00 EUR only


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Localization Zadar, Croatia

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