"Je suis toujours passionnée par l’alchimie des molécules mais cette fois avec un autre regard : respect du vivant, végétal, animal ou humain. J’ai complété mes études par une formation d’herboriste à l’École lyonnaise des plantes médicinales. J’ai retrouvé un ..."

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RELAXATION SHIATSU - Japanese SHIATSU means: pressure with the fingers.

Lavalette - Haute-Garonne

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ZEN SHIATSU is a Japanese traditional ART based on traditional Chinese medicine.

Here's what Hervé Ferrier offers. I use thumbs, hands, elbows, and sometimes the knees to squeeze and stretch the muscles or mobilize the joints in order to free the flow of energy. I pressure perpendicular on the acupuncture meridians to release areas of tension and strengthen the KI (vital energy).

Shiatsu RELAXATION promotes the recovery of the inner harmony and helps the person to adapt to his environment.

By acting on the subtle movement of the KI (vital energy), shiatsu influence directly and simultaneously the organic functions and psychological balance. This makes the specificity of the zen shiatsu: the body and mind are seen as a whole, they are not separated.

The meeting is dressed and lying on a futon and will give you access to a deep and complete relaxation. Especially don't plan meeting demanding after the session and well hydrated thereafter.

Zen shiatsu you real support, helps you relax and refocus you. This quiet practice the mind restless, help to find peaceful nights, a more fluid digestion, a stable emotional state. It releases tensions as tendonitis, pain in back (lumbago, sciatic) or joints, headaches...

Zen shiatsu helps you be responsible for your health and your well being.

Enjoy your stay at Baugnac to relax...

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The meeting proposed by Hervé Ferrier or a person for whom we are familiar with the experience. Materials provided - predict a scantily dressed in cotton.


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