"Hi!! I'm Mateja. I am born and raised in Split and I will show you the best spots in my hometown and in the surrounding area. We can walk, run, drive, ride a bike, swim and/or go to nightclubs! "

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Discover Salona Solin

Solin, Croatia

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Salona was an ancient city on the Dalmatian coast in Croatia. Salona (or Salon) is located near today's town of Solin, about 5 km from Split.

In the first millennium, the Greeks had set up an emporion (marketplace) there. After the conquest by the Romans, Salona became the capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia.

The city quickly acquired Roman characteristics: walls; a forum; a theater; an amphitheater — the most conspicuous above-ground remains today; public baths; and an aqueduct. Many inscriptions in both Latin and Greek have been found. All this archaeological evidence attest to the city's prosperity and integration into the Roman Empire.

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The meeting point is in front of the Saint Frances church in Split. Then we'll drive to Salona by air - conditioned vehicle (15- 20 minutes). And at the end I'll drive you back to our meeting point.I am available every day. Please bring a hat and bottle of water.


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Localization Solin, Croatia

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