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Wine tasting of Sherry

Seville, Spain

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Sherry is one of the treasures of the wine world, a singular wine that can go from a bright straw yellow Fino to a dark, ebony coloured Pedro Ximénez. There is a Sherry wine for every moment of the day or every occasion, -aperitif, accompanying a meal or as a dessert.

Jerez Region, located in the South-western Andalusia, is where Sherry wines are born and aged. This area enjoys special climatic and geographical conditions that make Sherry a unique wine: extreme summer hot temperatures that encounter the cooling breezes from the Atlantic and lime albariza soils.

This wine tasting is addapt for both experts and novice. It includes a palete of the following wine types:

Mosto: must from the presses, the raw material for the Sherry wines.
Pedro Ximénez

Spanish cheese and traditional charcutery will accompany some of our wines.

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It is necessary to be older than 18 years to participate


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Localization Seville, Spain

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