Vukovar, hero town

Vukovar, Croatia

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Vukovar , The Hero Town is a city in Slavonia (Eastern Croatia) along the Danube River. Although the city has a long cultural history, today it is most noted for its fate during the war in the early 1990's in the former Yugoslavia and often called `The Hero Town`. It is the only town in Europe completely devastated since WWII. The Siege of Vukovar is famous amongst military analysts as 2000 self organized Croatian civilians,and volunteers from all around the Croatia defended the town for 3 months against 40 000 heavy armed Serbian soldiers and 110 tanks, resulting in a pyrrhic Serbian victory.

Among several attractive buildings, severely damaged in the recent war, the most interesting are the Eltz Manor, a noble family from 18th century, Baroque buildings in the centre of the town, the Franciscan monastery with the parish church of Sts. Philip and James, the Water Tower, the birth house of the Nobel prize winner Lavoslav Ružika, the Orthodox church of St Nicholas etc.

I will give you all the details of this city on recent events and the effects of war, but also its cultural and historical heritage. I have a Master degree in history.

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Lunch or dinner is not included in the price but can be part of the activity. It is possible to take a rest. Do not hesitate to send me your suggestions! Up to 4 people for ease of use. Included transportation (up 4personnes)


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