"I work with impacTrip, a socially-driven travel agency that fights social inequality through volunteer tourism in Portugal. Our mission is to provide a meaningful and unforgettable travel experience that allows the traveler to know the Real Portugal and ha..."

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Volunteer tourism in Porto

Porto, Portugal

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Do you want to know Porto beyond its touristic side? If yes, this program is for you !
The Real Porto is a Volunteer Tourism program that wants to show you a more genuine side of this riverside site.
Travel like a local in the narrow streets of the city center full of stories, next to the small shops and meet the real people and the real culture by giving your time to social projects that will really give you a unique experience.

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We will personalize the volunteer activities according to your profile, competences and the specific needs of our social partners. Make a reservation and receive our volunteering suggestions. We have projects such as : food distribution to underpriveleged families, educational projects for children, collect abandoned animals from the streets, cook warm meals for homeless, paint a room to shelter domestic violence victims, among others. You can book a 1 day experience but also a 2 or 3 days program.


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Localization Porto, Portugal

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