"Hola soy Rosa y aunque nací en Salamanca llegué a Granada llevada por mi afán de descubrir España. Fui socia fundadora de la empresa de servicios turísticos Cicerone, con toda la experiencia acumulada y mucha ilusión me embarque en Descubriendo Granada."

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The merchant of silks - dramatized guided tour

Granada, Spain

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Based on the novel of Felipe Romero, this theatrical tour will help you understand the history of Granada during the mid sixteenth century, in a fun and enjoyable way.
How did the city look like? How did artisans, nobles live at that time? And how did the city managed to do the urban organization ... And much more! Learn all about this extraordinary city.

Itinerary: Porte del Carmen, Bib-Rambla, Alonso Cano, Alcaicería, San Matías Suárez Plaza father, Santo Domingo and Santiago Corrala

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The price includes: Dramatized guided tout of Granada and professional actors


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Localization Granada, Spain

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