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Montparnasse and the Bohême

Paris - France

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Writers, poets, painters, sculptors, musicians, directors, actors, singers... La Coupole, the Dome, the Closerie as environment. The bohemian atmosphere. And the night as kingdom. Throughout the twentieth century, that the world has counted as intelligence and beauty has made an appointment on the most Parisian boulevard.

Montparnasse has always been a place where people came to party, at the Paris limit set by Louis XIV on Montparnasse Boulevard. In the 18th century the district was filled of taverns and becomes a very popular walk in Paris.

During the nineteenth century coexisted religious, academic, artists, artisans and partiers. The Universal Exhibition of 1889 and the already rich artistic life of Montmartre attract many artists who are going to choose this popular district in the center of Paris, which will become the hub of modernity. Apollinaire, Gauguin, Matisse and Rousseau settled there. Two coffees will be the locomotives of this movement: the Dôme and the Coupole.

But it is really at the dawn of the twentieth century that Montparnasse wakes up. Picasso and many others took up residence, leaving Montmartre. Until the 30s, the Vavin intersection and its surroundings are the theater of an extraordinary artistic, intellectual and festive effervescence.

The birth of the railway which connected Paris to Brest in 1865, then Quimper and Nantes, will be synonym of the arrival of thousands of Britons around the station.

A walk through the streets of the district to meet some of the great figures like Modigliani, Fujita, Man Ray and Kiki or Léger ... and an eclectic architectural decor with wooden workshops opposing to the luxury “art deco” buildings.


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