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Italian Garachico

Garachico, Spain

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The Canary Islands were conquered in the fifteenth century by Europeans of all countries, mostly from the Mediterranean. As a reward for their collaboration in the conquest of the islands, each knight received a portion of land ranging in size according to their contribution. Obviously, they left the imprint of their culture of origin and elements of their heritage, but over time, their traces have disappeared little by little ...

But the town of Garachico is an exception. Italy has always had a strong influence both on it and even more indirectly on Tenerife. Italy is the European country which has shaped the most Garachico's soul.

What have in common a small town like Garachico, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and Italy? This is the question that we'll answer in this tour, where the town of Garachico itself will unveil its treasures over an amazing journey through its history and its enchanting streets.

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I am available for all types of audiences . There are no steep slopes or difficult during this visit. Every day of the week, at 10:30 and 16:00


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Localization Garachico, Spain

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