"Hello, I am Eugene. I am a Russian-born film director, scriptwriter & journalist. I live in Barcelona for more than three years. Now I am working on my new arthouse documentary «Barcelona – the city of Horror». I would like to invite tourists to these exclusi..."

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Horrors of the Old city

Barcelona, Spain

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There is no doubt that Barcelona is a very peaceful city. But this has not always been the case. Two thousand years of stories and terrifying events have passed. Sacrifices, tortures and poisoning were once common methods. I will guide you to places full of history and scary anecdotes.
We will visit the place where witches were burnt at the stake.
We'll go to see the house of alchemists whose deadly poison was used to poison hundreds of men. I also take you to a place where people sometimes encounter the ghost of a girl who prays her fiancé.
Finally, I'll tell you the terrifying story of the vampire woman of Barcelona and of course other stories about the history of this beautiful city which enriched my documentary.

Before the activity, I advise you to put a clove of garlic in your pocket. Just in case ...! :)


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Localization Barcelona, Spain

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