"Si elle est la plus typique des provinces Basques, la Soule est aussi la plus petite et la moins peuplée, elle correspond à une vallée, la vallée du Saison (affluent du gave de Pau) qui s’étend du Pic d’Orhy au Sud, plus haut sommet Basque, à l’Hôpital Saint B..."

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Hike on the Ahusquy peak

Aussurucq - Pyrénées-Atlantiques

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The massif of the Arbailles offers a beautiful wildness. Its arid relief makes it an ideal place for nice rides, such as the Col of Ahusquy. The latter offers a superb point of view to explore the Irati mountains, natural border with Spain (Navarre).
The starting point is located next to the Ahusquy inn. The road drives us to a fountain which was very popular for the quality of its water. Now, this region remains a pastoral area, which has preserved all its authenticity.

The path continues in the mountain and provides a superb balcony to discover and observe the chain of the Pyrenees, serving as a border with the province of Navarre, in Spain.

-Map: FR_25K_0320_1800_64_AUSSURUCQ.rtmap
-Departure: Ibarburia pass, at the foot of the Ahusquy Inn
-Length: 8.7 km
-Duration: approx. 3.30 h to 2.5 km/h
-Vertical rise: 328 m (484 m cumulative)


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