"Hello, I am Eugene. I am a Russian-born film director, scriptwriter & journalist. I live in Barcelona for more than three years. Now I am working on my new arthouse documentary «Barcelona – the city of Horror». I would like to invite tourists to these exclusi..."

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Ghosts of Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

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The Catalan capital has over two thousand years of history. The city survived the Romans, the Visigoths ...
Of course a great history leaves its marks on a city. Each new century brought its stages, transitions and its myths and legends.
I'll show you the houses where strange things happened - the lights that light up in some rooms, ghosts ...
I will take you to a crossroad where pedestrians used to observe the ghost of a woman praying on his knees.
On our way, there will be a place where the ghost of a local painter is.
We will walk in the street where it is not recommended to leave your children walk by themselves - a ghost of a local vampire lady can draw them into a trap!
We will see a gargoyle on the wall of the Gothic Quarter. According to a local legend, it comes alive at full moon.
I will also tell you where the ghost of the famous architect Antonio Gaudi is!


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Localization Barcelona, Spain

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