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Discovery of Garachico - the Fire Tour

Garachico, Spain

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Garachico is a historical city founded in the XVth century whose history has been repeatedly marked by fire.

Its natural resources and fertile lands turned it the island's main port until 1706, when a volcanic eruption completely buried its harbour and even part of its bay. This disaster plunged the city in an economic crisis which it has never recovered from, but it was not the only fire-related tragedy in this charming city in the North West of Tenerife.

This tour aims to unveil the traces that fire, in all its possible shapes and forms, has left in Garachico throughout its five centuries of life while knowing the city's history, culture and heritage.

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Available for all types of public any day of the week, at 10:30 a.m. and 16:00 p.m. Urban tour, no steep inclines.


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Localization Garachico, Spain

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