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São Paulo, Brazil

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    Guided tours / Local handicrafts
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we will start Aro 27 Bike coffee, then go in bicycle at a square in the city which has recently been revitalized and now has an innovative architectural design. We will then move to an unusual space: a bar made from shipping containers. We'll also explore the latest trends in fashion, art and design, which are all important in this part of the city.

The Group discovered one of the biggest brands of clothing whose style and various stores represent the best Brazilian style. Then, we go to downtown to take advantage of something like the Brazilians do: Dance, of course! Afterwards we will go to attend a show of Brazilian dance.

Finally, we will discover the theatre scene, which has a huge presence in the city, in one of the most emblematic neighborhoods for the arts of the stage, the Roosevelt Square. This space has undergone a major revitalization and is now one of the busiest public spaces the liveliest downtown.

After the visit, those who want to enjoy a night in the trendiest of São Paulo, which is also very lively and festive, may continue to drag.

Note: Our itinerary is subject to last minute changes.

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This touristic output takes place every Tuesday.


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Localization São Paulo, Brazil

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