"Hello, I am Eugene. I am a Russian-born film director, scriptwriter & journalist. I live in Barcelona for more than three years. Now I am working on my new arthouse documentary «Barcelona – the city of Horror». I would like to invite tourists to these exclusi..."

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City of the Dead: Montjuic cemetery

Barcelona - Ardennes

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This is one of the most amazing places in Barcelona located on the side of Montjuïc mountain. Its magnificent sea view is not the only attraction of curious people. Historical family homes, splendid monuments and streets in the shade of cypress trees make it a real city. The only difference is that it is nicknamed `city of the dead.` Indeed, it is the cemetery of Montjuïc.
The tombs are available for rent for 15, 25 or 50 years. The lower floors are the most expensive. It's cheaper for the upper floors but to reach them, it is necessary to use a special scale to visit the dead.
You may have already seen this place before if you have seen the movie `All About My Mother` (Spanish: Todo sobre mi madre) from Pedro Almodovar. The location of the last scene was shot in the cemetery of Montjuïc.
This is the largest cemetery in the city with more than 152,470 dead. In 2013, the cemetery has had 130 years of existence. It was designed by the architect Leandro Albaredo. This place is a real open-air museum. A wonderful combination of classic Gothic style and modernism.
It will take us two hours to visit this place. We will visit the graves like the pianist Isaac Albeniz, opera singer Victoria de los Angeles, General Antonio Escobar.
I'll tell you scary legends associated with several graves.
Believe it or not, but residents say the night falling on the full moon, strange events take place in the cemetery. It is for this reason that the local area residents do not let their children go out when the night is falling!


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