"Actividades tan diversas como: - buceo - veleros y motoras - montaña - cursos supervivencia - motos trail - deportivos - bicicleta - camino santiago - running - padel - ski - pilotaje de avionetas y un sinfín de actividades más"

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Basic survival course

Valencia, Spain

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  • Nombre8 to 12 persons
  • Durée
    12 hour(s)
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    Local handicrafts / Outdoor
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We have created various initiatives that you engage yourself in survival, from hours a day during the week or weekend, until days between 30 to 72 hours, where you will learn and will do all kinds of activities such as:

Psychology in dangerous situations
Find water and ways to treat it
Collect food
Orientation and situation with different media
International alphabet
Tools and weapons use and its realization
Role-playing games
and a long etcetera

Directed to teams of sports, sports associations, gyms, schools, companies and all kinds of people wanting to overcome when they come out of their comfort zone.

further information

We can do it in your autonomous community or scroll you to the region that more suits you, which we will perform throughout the year, throughout Spanish. http://youtu.be/KfsWmw9zzOw


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Localization Valencia, Spain

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