"Sharing our story of local Agricultural heritage with small groups and families. Learn, participate and contribute to our unique way of life."

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Agricultural heritage of Brac island

Gornji Humac, Croatia

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Hi there! :-)

Let me briefly introduce OPG Marinelic, a small organic farm
located between Bol and Gornji Humac on island Brac.

We are 5th generation family producers of a native local
Chrysanthemum flowers. We offer an Agricultural Heritage visit being a 'Local Identity' defined, but it fits all authentic nature lovers because interpretation of all local flora is briefly included.

The Chrysantemum plant called Dalmatian pyrethrum originates from a mountain nearby, and is for centuries recognized as the most effective botanical insecticide in the world. It is a very lovely looking, smelling and fluffy chrysanthemum and its refined extract is nowdays used in horticulture, forestry etc, in the whole world.

On my certified-organic farm we will chat and provide you with memorable informations about the place and even in season offer optional activities such as hand-harvesting, assisting in collection etc, to the small groups of tourists, schools and other visitors. You will be told of the importance of this plant, its history since the legend of its creation in 1783. And the part that it has now in global environmental friendly sustainable living; being an agricultural heritage of Brac and Dalmatia region. A short demonstration will also be done.
As a part of the 'taste of the place' to all visitors, a local welcome drinks made of organic sage rosemary and cherry drinks will be offered, as well as memorable local presents given.

On the farm natural stone sense-of-the-place is respected, so a brief lecturing of stone drywall construction can also be presented.

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Harvest season in late May. During summer visits in mornings or evenings.


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