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3-hour coastal sea exploration of Xylofagou sea caves on Waterbikes

Xylofagou, Cyprus

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We escort explorers on a coastal sea exploration trip west of Potamos tou Liopetriou fishing port. The specific trip lasts 3 hours.

Our trip starts at picturesque Potamos tou Liopetriou fishing port (public bus transport and restaurants) and goes west to Xylofagou coast. Xylofagou coast is a ten kilometers (plus) ragged rocky stretch inside the British bases, with virtually no tourist development.

There's a very big number of caves on Xylofagou coast. Many of the caves have entrance above sea level. At least one has stalactites (the entrance has been blocked now to protect it)and at least one has fossils of pygmy elephants. One of the caves has two entrances at sea level and we go through it on the waterbike (probably extremely difficult to do it in any other watercraft). There are also caves with an entrance below sea level.

Usually we finish the linear route at a place called 'Red Cliffs'. The linear route is about 10 - 11 km (6 miles) long.

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The Waterbike is a very stable, easy, light, comfortable, fast and agile human-powered watercraft. It can be operated by persons of a height of at least 1.2 m and a weight of no more than 120 kg, with no special skills or fitness level required. We offer the service year round as long as the weather is fine. In the trips one has the opportunity to explore in a relaxed manner (and possibly enter a cave or two), do some birdwatching and possibly some snorkeling. In warmer weather sea turtles visit the areas where we explore and during spring and autumn there may be migrating birds keeping us company. Like in all our sea exploration trips we provide the explorers with all the relevant gear such as a buoyancy aid (vest) and sun protective clothes (if requested).


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Localization Xylofagou, Cyprus

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