Welcome in The Rhone Valley and in the Alps !

Discover the Rhône Valley

Definitely a region that offers authentic and majestic landscapes. Water is everywhere, hot springs, mountain lakes, waterfalls ... Surely you know the Evian mineral water. You can also try numerous water sports. Rhone-Alpes is the perfect place for lovers of the great outdoors and nature.

Dominated by the famous Mont-Blanc, the Alps are home to the largest ski area in the world! This gives you a variety of sports activities outdoors. Not only can you difrutar-ski but also snowshoe, sled, ski-joëring of ... In summer, the slopes are transformed so you can go hiking, mountain bike.

The famous cities of the Alps as Lyon, Grenoble and Annecy worthwhile since assets reflects a rich history. If you like food, you'll enjoy mountain spatialities as cheese, a large range of wines. It is the French region with the most Michelin stars.