Discover Picardy with the locals

Discover Picardy

If you like wide open spaces, protected nature and historical heritage, Picardy is the perfect destination.

The ideal blend of sea, forests, wetlands and green valleys. The Bay of Somme is impressive and enables you to practice various outdoor activities such as sand sailing, hiking, yachting, horseback riding or biking. It is also a paradise for ornithology lovers since it is a protected area.

The region has a large sacred heritage such as the cathedrals of Beauvais, Senlis, Amiens and Saint-Quentin and several castles like Chantilly and countless citadels. Many medieval festivals take place in this part of France.

If you like fun and go back to your childhood, visit the leisure Park `Asterix` and enjoy unique experiences with your family or friends. At snack time, you will only have to choose among the variety of local pastries.