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This province is located between the Rhine Alsace, Lorraine, Champagne, Burgundy, Rhône-Alpes and Switzerland. This territory has been important throughout history. Age ora Comte coincides with the time of Charles V.

This province will reserve many surprises; green forest and mountains becomes winter ski resorts of Jura. It is a paradise for esquidores background, lovers of marked walks and cycling. Also discover the beauty of the rivers and lakes especially in the valley of the Saone and the Pays de Lacs area.

Cities art also worthwhile. Many monuments are part of UNESCO heritage. The Citadel of Besançon is one of the best known works of Vauban. The Castillo de Joux, so Montbeliard Belfort fortifications worth a visit. As in all the provinces of France, cheese is part of the local culture. The provincial cuisine is heavily influenced by the great cheeses that account (the Comté, blue cheese Bleu de Gex or ... Morbier.)

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