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Located in the very heart of France, Auvergne is an authentic area offering visitors dazzling landscapes. Discover the relaxing mountains, volcanoes and lakes of Auvergne, not forgetting its unique heritage and gastronomie.

Auvergne is the ideal destination for relaxing holidays. It offers its visitors a real treat both for body and mind. You will be surprised by the natural quality of its products, the purity of its renowned springs and its countless charming villages and preserved castles. Mineral water springs are part of the development and culture of Auvergne and a natural source of well-being you will find everywhere you go. Most of leisure activities are linked with nature, outdoor sports. The region boasts no fewer than 10 traditional spa towns.

Do not miss the local cuisine! Auvergne is a real paradise for cheese lovers (bleu d’Aubergne, Saint-Nectaire..) but it is also widely renowned for its vineyards.